Westeuropäische Union (WEU)


      1. Text of the Modified Brussels Treaty

(The Brussels Treaty signed on 17 March 1948
was amended by the Paris Agreements signed on 23 October 1954)

[The High Contracting Parties,]
To reaffirm their faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person and in the other ideals proclaimed in the Charter of the United Nations;
To fortify and preserve the principles of democracy, personal freedom and political liberty, the constitutional traditions and the rule of law, which are their common heritage;
To strengthen, with these aims in view, the economic, social and cultural ties by which they are already united;
To co-operate loyally and to co-ordinate their efforts to create in Western Europe a firm basis for European economic recovery;
To afford assistance to each other, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, in maintaining international peace and security and in resisting any policy of aggression;
To promote the unity and to encourage the progressive integration of Europe;
To associate progressively in the pursuance of these aims other States inspired by the same ideals and animated by the like determination;
Desiring for these purposes to conclude a treaty for collaboration in economic, social and cultural matters and for collective self-defence;

Have agreed as follows:


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