"We are open to negotiations".....

(……) „For many years, we have been calling on numerous occasions for holding meaningful disarmament talks on almost all aspects of this matter. In recent years, we have seen that our partners have not been supportive of our initiatives. On the contrary, they always find pretexts to further dismantle the existing international security architecture.

In this connection, I would like to highlight the following considerations, and I expect the Foreign Ministry and the Defence Ministry to use them as guidance. All our proposals in this area remain on the table just as before. We are open to negotiations. At the same time, I ask both ministries not to initiate talks on these matters in the future. I suggest that we wait until our partners are ready to engage in equal and meaningful dialogue on this subject that is essential for us, as well as for our partners and the entire world.

Another important consideration I would like to share with the senior officials of both ministries. We proceed from the premise that Russia will not deploy intermediate-range or shorter-range weapons, if we develop weapons of this kind, neither in Europe nor anywhere else until US weapons of this kind are deployed to the corresponding regions of the world.“ (…...)

hier die engl. Version des ganzen Gesprächs : https://augengeradeaus.net/2019/02/sammler-zum-inf-vertrag-2-die-russische-reaktion/#more-32640


hier das Gespräch in dt. Übersetzung durch das "Luftpost Archiv":  http://www.luftpost-kl.de/luftpost-archiv/LP_19/LP01619_060219.pdf